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    6SConsulting service center,Help create more value for customers!

    6S Consulting Service Center, power to create higher value for customers!

    Rich6SBackground of actual combat management experts team

    Center pouring energy into a full-time6SManagement with the trainer6SManagement consultant team,Has a group of excellent professional standard of excellent consultant,Most of them have seen the world500Strong enterprise actual combat management training and professional training as a consultant,With innovative consciousness and ability。Because of the professional advantage,So we really have the strength to solve practical problems for the enterprise。And get quickly....

    Close to6SManagement development training consulting system

    In the process of consulting and training center in practice activities,Extensive contact with all kinds of enterprises,Every day in the face of a variety of practical problems,These cases and materials from the line,Is the foundation of center research and development course。Curriculum research and development center is highly valued,Keep pace with The Times,In view of the6SManage the development of new problems and new situations,Promptly shift our research direction,Ensure that the course has a research and development of the former....

    Mature and practical6SManagement implementation method

    The center has the foreign capital enterprise、Domestic enterprises successful experience,And summarizes the implementation method of maturity,Can help you find and grasp the key factors in the process of implementation。
    The center will be6SMethods combined with a system of continuous improvement,Enhance the value of the enterprise。
    Methods in the center of the enterprise employees feel not pressure,But happy。Quick,To make each-....

    The rich6SPutted forward consulting enterprises

    Ten years of training and counseling practice,We have accumulated a large number of case material,Establish a illustrated putted forward by factory management,These come from all walks of life business case material,Is all6STrainer and consultant's wisdom crystallization,Is the wisdom of center for practical training and consulting。Rich enterprise real case gave center provides training and consulting solutions more targeted and in field....

    The solutionThe solution

    More targeted and practical More targeted and in field

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    Successful casesThe successful case

    100% real case 100%The real case

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    Actual combat teamActual combat team

    Fifteen years of practical experience Fifteen years of actual combat experience

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    Service processService process

    Business consultation process Business consultation process

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    Cooperation customers(Part)Customer cooperation

    For you, we will do better For you,We will do better

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