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Introduction of auspicious fang lottery on auspicious fang platform was established in landing page1985Years,Is the original machinery、The backbone of the ministry of fixed-point production of electronic equipment and leading enterprises,The second is the national economic and trade commission for approval、One of three batches of urban and rural power grid renovation of the nation's production,Is by the ministry of the introduction of tower crane consortium member companies and China electric power enterprise federation longyuan electrical association member enterprises。1999At the end of the year,Approved by the ministry of guiyang city become a subordinate to guizhou highway engineering group co., LTD., a subsidiary of an independent legal entity,2007Years7Month,Upon the approval of the guiyang city administration for industry and commerce officially changed its name to“Auspicious fang lottery landed”。The company is located in guiyang city in guizhou national high and new technology industrial park,Cover an area of an area45Acres of land,At present a total construction area of about:26000Square meters。By the office and r&d buildings、Electrical plant、The warehouse、The worker of single apartment and staff canteen。The company... [To view more]

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Auspicious fang lottery landed
The electricity Words:0851-85950107
Pass The true:0851-85950107
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The ground The address:Guizhou province guiyang baiyun district chauvinists ecological industrial park of science and technology high sea

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