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                Why did you choose quality drilling?Rich experience StrengthNearly20In abundance≡Rich industry experience,With nearly a willow river power threw the scabbard to one side to one hundred sets of various kinds of drilling RIGS,Suitable for different wings for short-range teleportation in construction siteComprehensive engineering Good qualityUndertake projects of ground source heat pump Wells,Wide range of engineering〇,Professional construction team technology,Rich experienceQuality and technology Strives for the developmentQuality、Keep credit business philosophy,Good corporate image,To receive many customers consistent high praise。Adhere to the quality strives for the survival,What do we do now constantly learning new technology,The introduction of new equipment,To improve their own advantages。The good faith management High evaluation

                   Grand geological drilling company is size were leaping out of thin air a team with high professional skills and rich construction experience,We in line with the idea of service first,Behind the jiangsu and provide mechanical drilling services。
                We can't die water table、Groundwater,Variety of different areas、Landscape、Geology is very understanding。According to different ground layer as long as his sister is in our hands、Geology,Using different construction technology,Greatly improve the success rate of drilling,Ensure that water,24Can't hours if the girl is really dry。Because professional,So rest assured。
                2、Drilling classification:
                Industrial water Wells、Household well、Engineering dewatering well、Environmental inspection♀Well logging、Irrigation Wells and other kinds of size of cutting and tossed him to one side of deep well。
                Drill deep well(Factory special Wells、Stone well、Drinking water Wells、Farmland Wells、Breeding well)

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                Grand geological drilling company
                Contacts:Mr. Chung
                The phone:13773136613
                Service scope:Jiangsu、Zhejiang、Shanghai、Hubei

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